• Enriching Communication9:54
  • Speaking the Truth in Love11:59
  • En-countering Cynicism10:48
  • Making God's Project Our Own10:34
  • Divine Destiny11:09
  • Sharing Changes Everything10:35
  • Why Are You Afraid?9:54
  • Allowing Seeds to Grow12:10
  • Take Nothing for The Journey11:56
  • God Guides with Love10:37
  • The Best Conversation Ever12:35
  • I Get What You're Saying14:20
  • Being A Good Friend11:06
  • Making Sense of Silence15:08
  • Pray More, Worry Less11:13
  • Believing in Something that Cannot be Proved13:20
  • A Blessing in Disguise12:06
  • Being There For One Another10:44
  • I Will Write it on Their Hearts10:26
  • For God So Loved The World11:52
  • Take These Things Out of Here!9:25
  • The Transfiguration12:02
  • Going To A Deserted Place10:02
  • I Know Who You Are12:26
  • Believe in the Good News11:57
  • Wonderful Are Your Works11:40
  • Holy What??13:36
  • "Making All Things New"13:42

Worship with Us


(10:30 AM worship time Sept-May)

​Worship is our way of collectively expressing our relationship to God and to each other as God's people.  In worship, we seek to discover God's will for us, to experience God's presence within and among us, and to gain guidance and strength for our ministries as followers of Jesus Christ.