• Believe in the Good News11:57
  • Wonderful Are Your Works11:40
  • Holy What??13:36
  • "Making All Things New"13:42
  • Do Not Quench the Spirit11:12
  • "Speak Tenderly"13:19
  • "Keep Awake"10:03
  • "My Religion Is Kindness"10:03
  • Well Done!13:52
  • 80% of life is just showing up10:29
  • We are all students5:09
  • You Shall Love Your Neighbor13:14
  • Slip-Sliding Away17:43
  • The Fruits of God's Law10:33
  • Emptied but in a good way.11:30
  • Called to the Vineyard13:53
  • Ode to Grandparents11:08
  • Whever Two or Three are Gathered13:09
  • No Guys Allowed10:14

Worship with Us


(9:30 AM worship time June-August)

​Worship is our way of collectively expressing our relationship to God and to each other as God's people.  In worship, we seek to discover God's will for us, to experience God's presence within and among us, and to gain guidance and strength for our ministries as followers of Jesus Christ.