Worship with Us


(9:30 AM worship time June-August)

​Worship is our way of collectively expressing our relationship to God and to each other as God's people.  In worship, we seek to discover God's will for us, to experience God's presence within and among us, and to gain guidance and strength for our ministries as followers of Jesus Christ.

  • Restored Fortunes11:41
  • Carried by God13:01
  • Figs Anyone?11:28
  • Jesus & Herod9:41
  • Pilgrim People9:47
  • Keeping It Personal8:10
  • Climbing Mountains9:54
  • God of Winter9:58
  • The Transfiguration12:02
  • Gone Fishing12:24
  • Love Is Patient11:33
  • Wine Making 1019:52
  • A Voice Came from Heaven12:06
  • Following the Star11:19
  • Christmas Is Over, Now What?8:46
  • God Bless You11:23
  • Fullness of Joy9:23
  • Preparing The Way11:49
  • Closing Credits10:11
  • Just The Way You Are9:41